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Anne Hathaway Just Turned 37 Last Month But She Looks The Same As She Did When She Was 19 Years Old! What’s Her Secret?!

Her royal highness, Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia.

One of the most iconic line ever for those 90’s kids! If you don’t have any clue what exactly who is Mia Thermopolis or Genovia, maybe you are a bit too young or maybe just not a Disney junkie after all! But if you do, we can say you definitely have one of the most amazing childhood ever!


Anne Hathaway—who’s famous for the movie The Princess Diaries—just turned 37 last month! And to our surprise, the award winning American actress doesn’t seem to age a day since her rising days in Disney, which was 18 years ago!

▲ Just look at the comparison between 19-year-old Anne Hathaway and 37-year-old her!

Literally, both can look as if they are taken in the same year! Despite almost two decades after, Hathaway—whom soon to welcome her second born—still looks youthful and radiant!

Apparently, her beauty comes from a lot of effort she had taken in maintaining her looks! Let’s take a look!


Organic foods, hot pepper sauce and water.

When they say “You are what you eat”, this truly implies to Hathaway. Revealed in an interview that she takes organic foods on the regular, the actress also includes spicy food as a diet trick for her in combating hunger. Jalapenos and hot pepper sauce are her all time favourite as not only she enjoys a little bit kick of heat in her food, the stuff can actually help her turn down hunger.

Apart from that, Anne never forgets to consume two tablespoons of olive oil before going to bed every night! Allegedly, this helps her flush out unnecessary toxins and maintain a healthy liver! Whilst on that, water has also become her excellent detoxifier to eliminate all impurities. 

Treat and protect.

When it comes to beauty, Hathaway doesn’t always rely on makeup! Instead, she puts care into her complexion. She advised that facials are good once a week, but at least once a month is a definite necessary. With facials, she believes that it doesn’t just work on the skin but on the muscle that support the skin as well! Hence, it’ll lead to beautiful bone structure and tighter skin!

To add on that, she also never leave the house without a proper protective cream applied to her skin. Her favourite La-Roche-Posey Anthelios CL Extreme Fluid protective cream is her first step when she wants to step afoot out into the sun.

Her fitness journey.

Beauty doesn’t just rely on cosmetics instead her fitness as well! She sticks by working out five days a week—rigorous exercise and stunt training—followed by dance for another hour as her regular fitness routine!

Alternatively, she follows a routine of strength training and cardio during her five days workout programme!

Apparently, it takes a lot of effort to appear effortless.

So next time when you want to level up your beauty game, you can go by Hathaway’s tips!

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