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Congratulations! Another Big Day for Another Former U-KISS Member Kiseop!

Following his fellow group mates Dongho, Eli and Kibum, now it’s Kiseop‘s turn to tie the knot!

On August 1st, the former member of a 2nd generation Kpop group U-KISS had posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram announcing his future marriage. He had also posted along a wedding photo of himself with his fiance. 

The letter reads:

Hello, this is Kiseop.

I’m writing this letter because I have something to announce to you all. You might feel surprised, but I’m writing this letter because I was able to meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

She’s someone who is incredibly precious in my life. From now on, I want to be responsible for her happiness, for her who has constantly looked at just me for a long time. Therefore, I promised to marry her so that I can walk towards beautiful days with her. Just as I vowed to look towards the same place, I’ll become more humble and responsible.

Thank you [fans] for always loving and believing in me. I will never forget it, and I’ll live happily. I’ll return [fans’ love] with new challenges and a good image in the future. I’d appreciate it if you’d give us lots of blessings and support for the beautiful days that we will have together.

From, Kiseop.

It was reported that Kiseop will be tying the knot with the rooke actress and model Jung Yuna on August 24th. Comedian Kim Yong Myung will be their host of the ceremony and Huh Gak will sing the nuptial song.

It was revealed that the former idol and Jung Yuna had met back when he was still active as a member of U-KISS. Yuna was a trainee preparing to debut at Kiseop’s former agency and had starred in U-KISS’ music video for their fifth Japanes single “Distance…”. 

Yuna and Kiseop were both born in 1991, so they were friends at first but naturally grew closer. 

On March 21, Kiseop was enlisted in the military as a public service worker due to the worsening condition of his preexisting herniated disk. On May 16, nhemg (his former agency) announced that the agency’s exclusive contracts with Eli and Kiseop have expired.

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