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B.I iKON Officially Depart From Group After Illegal Drug Scandal

K-pop boy band member B.I from iKON  shocked the whole world when the rumored of his illegal drugs scandal spread across K-town. 

It was reported on June 12, shortly after media outlet accused him of purchasing and using illegal drugs in addition to dodging police chargesiKON‘s leader B.I took to his personal Instagram to deliver a lengthy letter of apology.

 Read his full letter below:

“This is Kim Han Bin.

First, I want to sincerely apologize for causing an issue of public criticism due to my extremely immoral actions. 

It’s true that during a time when I was deeply struggling and miserable, I wanted to rely on something that I should never have shown interest in. However, even then, I was scared and terrified of it, and was unable to partake in it. 

Nonetheless, I feel so embarrassed and apologetic toward my fans and my group members, who were undoubtedly hurt by me and disappointed in me the most, due to my immoral speech and word choice.

I humbly reflect on my mistakes and plan to leave the team. 

Once again, I bow my head in apology to the fans and the members. I’m sorry.”

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