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How big of a fan of Game of Thrones are you? Well, apparently Brad Pitt is such a fan that he would pay US$120,000 (RM478,500) just to watch the premier with Emilia Clark a.k.a the Mother of Dragons.

Source: Daily Mail

During Sean Penn’s JP HRO Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, Brad decided to dump a huge amount of money just to watch the HBO show with Emilia.

The gala was a totally star-studded event as big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, the cast of Game of Thrones, and more.

Source: WTOP

It was an auction and the proceeds would have gone into charity. However, it was evident that this superstar was interested in Khaleesi.

The bidding battle began at US$20,000 (RM79,950) but the superstar began competing with another unknown attendee. Brad upped his stake to US$80,000 (RM319,800) and then US$90,000 (RM359,775).

When Kit Harrington, a.k.a Jon Snow walked back into the hall from the men’s room, the auctioneer shouted “Is the King of the North here?” to which Kit decided to join in as part of the ‘prize’ with Emilia.

Jon and Daenerys have left season 7 ending with a pretty hot scene, so which fan of GoT wouldn’t want to start season 8 with the both of them, right?

Source: LA Times

Well, Brad definitely didn’t want to miss it as he then raised his bid to US$120,000 (RM478,500) to enjoy the show with both of the cast members.

Though that amount of money is truly a lot, it seems like a much bigger fan of GoT threw even more cash into the bid and ultimately beat Brad.

Awww, there, there…

The winner, who is also just a normal person and not a celebrity, stole the date out of Brad’s hands by bidding a whooping US$160,000 (RM639,600)!

That is indeed a load of money, but thankfully all these funds are being directed towards charity.

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