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Check out These Music Events Happening in December All Around Malaysia

In December, Heineken® Live Your Music invites its fans to join the brand for two weekends of high energy back-to-back music experiences featuring innovative artist collaboration and performances from established global and local music icons.

Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world, Heineken® is an established global leader in the music scene.

This December, Heineken® Live Your Music is your gateway to world leading music experiences throughout Malaysia.

Rolling out across the country, music fans in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru can attend exclusive events, specially crafted by Heineken®, to experience and share with friends during this season of celebration!

Each of these exciting events will be accompanied by a Heineken® Green Moment, the brand’s signature music experience, custom-designed to enhance and elevate the way its consumers enjoy their music.

Carmen Chong, Senior Brand Manager of Heineken® Malaysia, said

“Music is an important pillar of the Heineken® brand. This December, Heineken® Live Your Music features local and global music icons coupled with curated surprises like the signature Heineken® Green Moment and many more.

“Please join us as we journey to Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru for two weekends of back-to- back thrills and a little Heineken® music magic.”

With more shows to be announced in coming weeks, Heineken ® Live Your Music introduces the new year with the fresh perspective of Porter Robinson’s synth-washed anthemic sound at Zouk, KL on 7th December.

The second weekend of musical discovery includes the widescreen vision and big room sound of Holland’s Andrew Rayel at Zouk on 14th December, while Dutch EDM star Dyro conducts a remarkable sprint across the country with sets at Rabbit Tale in Penang (14th December) and Pagoni in JB (15th December).

Heineken® will also be announcing a series of innovative crossovers and collaborations with some of Malaysia’s leading creative influencers and tastemakers.

Legendary Heineken® collaborator DJ Goldfish steps out of the spotlight to shine a light on the next generation of music talent with a series of club and bar takeovers featuring the stars of Goldsounds Music Academy.

The scene-defining Twilight Actiongirl return with a new twist to their inimitable mix of indie rock and electronic tunes. Experience the future at the 10th Anniversary of the kaleidoscopically inventive Lahlahland, while Mayhem Jam, freestyles its way onto the dance floor, curated by Malaysian dance icon MayB Wong.

Stay tuned to Heineken® ’s social accounts for upcoming announcements of further Heineken® Live Your Music events featuring some of the freshest rising stars of the international music scene.

Join us for this unforgettable celebration, as Heineken® Live Your Music waves goodbye to 2018 and raises a toast to 2019.

Admission information is available from the respective clubs and is subject to club rules and regulations.

For information on Heineken® Live Your Music, go to and

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