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EXO’s Sehun Graces the Cover of New York Times!

Being on the cover of big-name newspapers and magazines are every artists’ dream, especially for the world’s top newspaper, New York Times.

It’s finally ”dream come true’ for EXO’s Sehun as he will be the first KPOP idol to grace the cover of New York Times. It’s all thanks to his fans, OhSehunBar and Cxunqi, for making this project comes true! 

According to Koreaboo, this is a part of Sehun’s birthday project by Sehun’s Chinese fans. They wish to celebrate his birthday in the most memorable and surprising way possible.

So, what else will be more memorable than being on the full spread cover of New York Times?

The spread will not only feature a birthday greeting, but it also advertises the premiere of ‘Busted’ which is a Netflix Original variety show that Sehun will be taking part in. 

Image via Koreaboo

Wow! Chinese fans are really generous!

This project has been in the works by both OhSehunBar and Cxunqi for over a long period of 6 months. This is because New York Times has strict restrictions when it comes to putting up a full page ad on their newspaper.

Besides, New York Times does simply put up ads solely based on people who are willing to and are able to pay the fee – which can cost up to $100,000 USD (RM387,00) by the way.


According to OhSehunBar:

“[New York Times will place the ad as] a listing that has the most important news as a recognition of Sehun’s influence.”

OhSehunBar also prepared other birthday projects such as a display on the front of SM Mall of Asia Arena during EXO’s concert in Manila, a video display of Sehun in front of Coex Mall in Seoul and also birthday ads on luggage carts at Incheon International Airport!

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Congratulations to Sehun and EXO-L for pulling this surprise off because being featured on the cover of New York Times is not an easy job.

Sehun must be feeling excited and happy for all these birthday surprises by his fans. Keep up the good work EXO-Ls.

A massive happy 24th birthday to Oh Sehun!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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