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Throughout the history of KPOP, there has been many incidences were extremist fans or haters whom have sent life threatening ‘gifts’ and letters to idols. In South Korea, they call these fanatics ‘Sasaeng Fans’.

A Sasaeng fan once sent Ok Taecyeon from 2pm a letter written in her menstrual blood and pubic hair!

Source: Oddee

There was another incident when an anti-fan had sneaked into the dressing room of a broadcasting station where DBSK was about to perform that evening. The girl pretended to be part of the coordinators there and gave a bottle of water to Yunho.

Unfortunately, the bottle of water was spiked with a type of adhesive which caused Yunho to suddenly vomit blood soon after consumption.

There have been many more cases happening throughout the years, albeit now in lesser extremes. But with many people around these idols all the time, their lives are always on the line.

Source: KPOP K-Fans

Now, it seems like BTS’s agency have decided to stop accepting gifts from fans by March 30, 2018, Dispatch reported.

Big Hit Entertainment announced on the boy band’s fan cafe called Daum Fan Cafe.

They said,

“After a long and thorough discussion with BTS members about the gifts that you send with sincere hearts, we decided not to receive any more gifts (delivery service & support) except letters.”

“Only the gifts sent before 6PM on Friday, March 30 will be delivered to the artists. After March 30, only letters can be delivered to the artists.

“Please keep in mind that gifts (delivery service & support) that arrive after March 30 will not be delivered to the artists, but will be returned (to the fans).

“However, fan events prepared to support BTS members at Korea and global concerts and official fan meetings can proceed after approval as it was before.

“We sincerely thank all the ARMYs who give generous love and support to BTS. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

“Thank you.”

Well, it is sad that some of us may not be able to send presents to our idols anymore, but let’s look at this in positive light. This can help the BTS boys avoid from receiving any life threatening or weird presents.

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