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Hyolyn Makes Fans Sing & Dance During Performance in Kuala Lumpur

Last Saturday was probably the hottest day in town thanks to the amazing Hyolyn’s presence right here in Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur.

She attended the PUMA CALI party organised by PUMA Southeast Asia as the ambassador held in conjunction with the PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign featuring the iconic PUMA Cali.

The event brought the adventurous and fun “Cali vibes” to the venue as organisers transformed Sentul Depot’s vast area into a boho-chic party ground with an array of free-to-play activities such as mini bungee for party-goers.

Aside from Hyolyn’s appearance, the highlight would absolutely have to be how Instagram-able the entire place was. From the iconic Volkswagen Bus to surfboards and various cute floats, Sentul Depot practically turned into Paradise Cove in Malibu.

A bunch of festival foods were prepared too for hungry tummies such as burgers, popcorn, and cotton candy from food trucks and stalls.

In addition to fans and winners in Malaysia, the 500-strong turnout at the by-invitation-only event included regional media from Singapore and Indonesia, PUMA friends and brand ambassadors such as actress Dawn Yeoh and radio DJ Sonia Chew from Singapore.

Malaysian celebrities such as DJ Cza, Charis Ow, Alexis Sue Ann, Koe Yeet and Hanan Helme were also in attendance.

Of course, the whole evening built up to Hyolyn’s epic performance on stage. 

Illuminating the stage with her impeccable choreography and powerful vocals, Hyolyn wowed the audience with her hit singles such as SEE SEA, BAE and Dally.

Fans couldn’t help but to sing and dance along to Hyolyn’s signature dance move, the Dally dance!

Hyolyn is the face of the regional PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign in Southeast Asia that rolled out since January 2019.

The 6-month campaign runs across in-store, out-of-home as well as online platforms in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In addition to the by-invitation PUMA CALI party, fans of PUMA CALI stand a chance to win a ‘Cali Dream Trip’ (worth USD4,000) and enjoy a unique holiday experience in California.

In the upcoming months, fans can keep tabs on the releases of new colourways by following @PUMA.Cali.

If you feel like you’ve missed out on catching the sexy singer in real life, don’t fret because she’s coming back to Malaysia very soon!

Her ‘True’ world tour includes a stop right here in our city and this time, she’ll be performing a full set. Tickets are also selling out fast, so get yours quick before they’re officially sold out.

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