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How Did EXO’s Baekhyun React when a Question about BTS was Asked on his First Solo Album’s Showcase?

EXO‘s main vocal Byun Baekhyun finally made his long and much awaited solo debut with a mini album “City Lights“.

On July 10, a press showcase for his solo debut was held at SAC Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul. On the event, Baekhyun was abruptly asked by a reporter about his opinions on BTS. Even though the question was unexpected and controversial, the singer did not hesitate and showed professionalism when praising the 7-member boy group for their achievements.

“They (BTS) worked very hard and I think they are incredible. There are aspects that I could learn from them and in terms of their achievements, I of course give them applause.”

ㅡ Baekhyun

Not only that, the 27-year-old South Korea’s sensation was also asked about EXO’s future plans and thoughts of his first solo album as the members have been enlisting in the military one by one.

“As we are doing right now, I think our members can just continue to wish for each other’s happiness. We could not have gotten to this point without the friendship between our members. We know each other’s thoughts without having to share them. I think for EXO’s future ahead, we will remain solid as we are right now and make up for each other’s absences. I hope many people will continue to show interest in EXO’s future”.

ㅡ Baekhyun

On the showcase, Baekhyun shared to the press that the singer felt a bit pressure when going solo because unlike previously with EXO and EXO-CBX, he now had to work without having any members to rely on. However, on top of all, he is still very excited and is looking forward to the future of his solo career.

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Baekhyun explained “City Lights” was inspired by his superpower in EXO which is light. So, “City Lights” was named to reflect his identity.

The title track for the album “UN Village” music video has hit YouTube on July 10th and has garnered over 3M views within the first 24 hours. AMAZING!

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