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IN2IT’S Jinsub Departs From Group with Sincere Handwritten Letter

IN2IT member, Kim Jinsub has announced that he will be leaving the group due to an incurable disease. 

On March 26, IN2IT’s label MMO Entertainment confirmed the news that the idol will be leaving IN2IT.

According to Allkpop, the main reason on why Jinsub will be leaving IN2IT is due to Meniere’s disease which is an incurable ear disorder.

Besides, this disease can get worse if there’s too much stress and pressure to the body. When put under lots of hardship, it will speed up the progression of Meniere disease. 

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Because of this, Jinsub has decided to stop promoting as one of the members of IN2IT. He expressed his feeling through a handwritten letter that he wrote for the fans, IN2U.

Here’s a translation of his letter:

“Hello IN2U, this is Kim Jinsub. Thank you very much to those who have loved IN2IT and IN2IT’s Jinsub up until now.

“I was able to achieve my dream due to your love and support which made me incredibly happy and I’ve worked hard to show you a good image on stage, finding energy from your encouragements.

“However, as my label’s official statement indicated, I will not be able to continue as IN2IT’s Jinsub.

“I came to this decision after a long discussion with my company and my members, because I could not force my burdens on the members who will be promoting actively from here on out.

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“I am no longer able to promote as a member of IN2IT, but I will do my best to become stronger on the inside and the outside, so that I can stand in front of you all once again as soon as possible.

“Please continue to cheer on the IN2IT members, and I will put in all my efforts into returning with a healthy and mature image.”

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It’s sad to see Jinsub leave the group but as he said, we as IN2Us must continue to cheer on other IN2IT members. Although Jinsub is no longer a member of IN2IT, he will forever remain as a member of IN2IT in our hearts.

Jinsub, good luck to your future endeavours! 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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