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Is IKEA Also Joining in on the 11.11 Sale Hype?

Fans and customers can now save more on IKEA products. The IKEA Sale is set take place from 9 – 25 Nov 2018 at all IKEA Malaysia stores and on

With the launch of the IKEA Online Store last August, this IKEA Sale is available to the many people from all over Malaysia for the first time ever.

Customers can look forward to discounted prices and great offers on hundreds of affordable, well-designed, functional and sustainable products. These include items for every corner at home, such as cushions, home décor goods, kitchen utensils, coffee tables, dining ware and more.

Extra Perks at in-store for IKEA FAMILY members

On 8 Nov 2018, IKEA FAMILY members are invited to an exclusive preview sale at all IKEA Stores, where they will receive an additional 5% off all sale items.

On top of that, the first 200 FAMILY members at each store get to redeem a RM20 IKEA Gift Card when they spend RM350 and above in a single receipt from 8 – 25 Nov.

There will also be a RM1 Loh Mai Kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) breakfast special at all IKEA Restaurants during the preview sale.

Adding even more perks for IKEA FAMILY members, is a special in-store promotion will be held in conjunction with the 11.11 Singles Day.

On 10 and 11 Nov 2018, members can cash in on discounts of up to 45% on selected items as well as special offers on the limited edition GRATULERA classic collection, which was launched in celebration of the 75th anniversary of IKEA.

Customers can sign up as an IKEA FAMILY member for free to enjoy the members-only preview sale immediately.

Registration can be done using any of the IKEA FAMILY kiosks available in the store, or via online at

For more information on the IKEA Sale, IKEA FAMILY members preview sale and the 11.11 Singles Day sale, visit, and

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