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Everyone loves Lee Kwang Soo a lot. He is this quirky, skinny, tall guy who stands out wherever he goes. He is hilarious as he is able to behave in odd ways just to entertain his beloved fans.

He is so loved by the masses that the public gave him the nickname Prince of Asia (or Asia’s Prince)!

As for Jung So Min, ever since she joined Running Man in 2017, more people have been falling in love with her.

Although the actress has had quite a following since her lead role in Playful Aurora, Running Man brought on a bigger fan base for her.

Both Kwang Soo and So Min are the same age and many people have been trying to connect a love line between the two on the show ever since she joined.

Now, it seems like the two might just get married!

In the latest episode of Running Man, episode 387, the theme was prison escape where members had to play games in order to get out of the massive jail cell.

Members had to search for some of the secret items scattered across, and one of those items was a tofu.

So Min was able to snatch the tofu from the rest of the team, but all of a sudden, her tofu was stolen by someone else.

As always, Kwang Soo being the icon of betrayal in the show has been at the ending stick of accusations time after time. Even if he truly didn’t do it, everyone would be suspicious of him anyways.

And so, So Min too suspected that it was Kwang Soo’s doing and decided to put a curse on him.

She pointed at the Prince of Asia and said,

“I curse that the thief’s family will fail for three generations.”

Stunned and outraged (jokingly, of course) by the actress’ words, Kwang Soo then yelled out his proposal.

He screamed,

“I’ll marry you! Our family can be cursed then!”

His sudden retaliation shocked the whole cast as they all did not see that coming.

Watch the clip here:

Of course, in the end it was all a joke but many fans truly wished they would get together. What do you guys think? Do they make a great couple?

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