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Japanese Singer Forgets to Shut Off Live Stream and Reveals Amount of Money Made

Doing live broadcasts have become more common these days among celebrities, and all fans really want are interactions instead of anything fancy.

HKT48’s Bibian Murakawa was dressed casually and was seated in her living room when she did a live session with her fans recently, Soranews24 reported.

It was truly sweet as she was ending the broadcast with sweet words like,

“OK I’m signing off. I’ll be streaming again tomorrow. Good night, everybody. Sweet dreams.”

She also played a bit of a peek-a-boo before finally ‘ending’ the feed. Unfortunately, she didn’t really stop the live session then.

Unknowing of this, she slips into her normal self – dropping the adorable smile, using a lower tone of voice and sitting a more relaxed position.

Presumably checking the stats, she said,

“So all I have to do to get 16,000 yen (RM596) is stream a video like that.”

An older woman believed to be her mother replied,

“If you do 10 a month, it’s the same as your monthly salary.”

Murakawa excitedly squeals,

“That’d totally be like getting a bonus!

Some people might have found the conversation on money a tad bit off-putting as it might put Murakawa and any other idols in the light of doing things for the money.

However, a majority of fans realised that if it’s true that doing 10 videos like that a month would equal to a month’s salary, that means that she isn’t earning much money after all.

One Twitter user explained,

“It’s pretty natural to be happy over earning 16,000 yen. She seems like a good girl with a pure heart.

“I’m just happy to know that she doesn’t say things like ‘Otaku are so gross’ after the cameras stop recording. It’s not like she was dissing her listeners or anything.

“If anything, I think more people will like her after this. This is her job, after all. It’s the same as how a salary-man is happy if he gets a raise.

“Idols are people too.”

Another Twitter user was worried about her income too.

“Her salary is too low.”

What do you guys think of Murakawa’s words? Is she really just doing this for the money or does she really deserve to garner more income than she allegedly does?

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