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Kugiran Masdo Is Bringing Back ‘The Beatles’ Fashion Vibes, Only On E!News

Retro Rockers and Malaysian very own The Beatles, Kugiran Masdo is spilling tea on their matchy matchy fashion style exclusively on E!News. 

The pop yeh yeh band made up of 4 members, Ceri, Mawi, Ali (lead singer) and Am recently reveal their fashion style secrets of matchy matchy cool outfits.


When asked about their individual styles, Am the backup singer said he prefers to wear short pants and Ceri said “skinny jeans” is a must list for him. Meanwhile, Mawi who loves experimenting with fashion prefer the style from the 6oies like turtleneck and batik pattern shirt, he loves the fashion from British in the 6o ties. 

The band jokes that when it comes to fashion the member would refer Mawi cause he’s the most stylish of em all. 

The band breakthrough success with Indie pop yeh yeh tracks like ‘Bunga’,’Teruna dan Dara’, ‘Dinda’ has garnered people attention and labeled them as the new Hujan and Bunkface.

Don’t forget to catch them exclusively on E!News Season 2 with the new hosts, new trends and more entertainment updates starting from 22 July. Catch em all on official Youtube E!News MY and TV3. 


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