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The amazing Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, 31, was recently barred from returning to Malaysia.

The man is the genius behind the Penang murals which have garnered a massive fan base from travellers around the world. The murals are even protected by the Penang government so that they will not be purposely removed or covered up.

Unfortunately, it seems like the artist is now banned from re-entering Malaysia after a series of Instagram Story posts explained that he wasn’t in the country.

According to The Star, he said,

“I’m in Singapore now…

“I know everyone is worried so just letting y’all know that I’m safe and sound, breathing fresh air of freedom in Singapore.

“I’ll be here till I figure out where I’m heading next. But for now I think I’m gonna stay away from Malaysia for a while…”

Source: TEDxVilnus

Ernest did not mention either what the reason was as he too wasn’t informed by the authorities. All he knew was that he just wasn’t allowed back.

“…not by choice. 😀

“Stamp in my passport does not allow me to enter Malaysia. No one specified why and for how long.”

He also did not mention which customs he was denied entry from. However, local art enthusiast, as well as a friend of Ernest, Tan Chor Whye, told the press that it wasn’t a big issue.

He said,

“Normal immigration procedure for visitors. No worries. Everything’s good.”

Well, we really hope that this is just standard procedure and that Ernest isn’t in any kind of trouble.

Ernest is also engaged to local Malaysian model, Sheena Liam. The lady won Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 back in 2014 and the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship last July.

Source: Lipstiq

Ernest proposed to Sheena using a massive billboard in Lithuania with the words “Marry Me Sheena”, to which she said “can”.

The planned on having a summer wedding in Lithuania and receptions in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Summer in Lithuania is usually from June to August.

For now, we hope that things will be settled so that the couple may be reunited.






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