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Rent a Boyfriend from Lazada this CNY to Shut those Nosy Aunties Up

Tired of nosey aunties meddling in your love life at Chinese New Year gatherings? This Lunar New Year, Lazada invites you to ‘Slash’ the Leng Chai for a date with an eligible bachelor!

Shoppers will have the opportunity to bring ‘home’ a ‘boyfriend’ and attend a reunion luncheon with senior citizens in the spirit of togetherness.

Andrew Gnananantham, Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Malaysia said, “During CNY family reunions, a pet peeve that many of us have is being asked questions by older relatives about our love lives.

So, we decided to put a fun twist on the typical scenario by providing shoppers the chance to ‘Slash’ for a date and bring some festive joy to the elderly.

‘Slash It’ is a social shopping feature that brings people together by getting friends and family involved to help each other ‘Slash’ prices off items to get the best deals.”

The aim of ‘Slash’ the Leng Chai is to highlight what really matters during this festive season – being with family and counting our blessings.

Many elderly folks living in homes rarely receive visits or leave the home during CNY, and reunion dinner plays a significant part in ushering in the New Year.

We want to share the love through this initiative by bringing the reunion to them – including boyfriends!

From 16 to 18 January 2019, shoppers in the Klang Valley area can slash the price of a leng chai from RM8,888.88 to zero on the Lazada app.

Get friends and family members to help you score your preferred date by achieving 48 slashes. Choose from Dennis Yin, Varhoon Vystra, Adery Chin, Joseph Lee, Nigel Chin, Cyrus Yong, Eden See, and Ilman Hakeem!

Safer and More Convenient Shopping with Lazada Wallet

Shop with your Lazada Wallet for convenient, secure payments and exclusive benefits!

  • First time Lazada Wallet users will enjoy 10%* rebates when they top up their Lazada Wallet before 16 January and shop from 16 to 18 January.
  • Existing users will receive up to 5%* rebates on purchases from 16 to 18 January.


#LAZAHUAT2019 Lucky Fish Contest

Enter the #LAZAHUAT2019 Lucky Fish Contest* from 11 January to 18 January for a chance to win prizes worth RM68,888! 

Simply tag 3 friends on the contest announcement post on the Lazada Malaysia Facebook page and share the post. 18 participants will be shortlisted on 16 January to craft the most creative CNY greeting – 8 of whom stand a chance to win amazing prizes including RM8,888 worth of Lazada Wallet rebates, Honor 7s and Tripods, Colgate Optic White Plus Shine Toothpaste, We Bare Bear Lunch Boxes, Huawei Honor A2 Bands and much more!



Visit and its social media pages to find out more!




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