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Resorts World Genting’s Skytropolis Funland is Raking in the Crowds

The newly revamped indoor theme park is a portal to a new dimension of fun, which will take guests on thrilling adventures and adrenaline-packed rides.

From its entrance with actual moving gears, to the thousands of colourful light bulbs that deck out each ride, every inch of the indoor theme park promises extreme fun.

The Skytropolis Funland is spread across four floors is nothing but colourful and vibrant.

For the opening, 13 rides have been introduced, whilst nine more will follow suit. Covering 400,000 square feet, the indoor theme park includes Asia’s first The VOID hyper reality centre, BigTop Video Games Park and soon the Imaginatrix that combines physical rides with virtual reality.

A new beginning

Previously known as the First World Indoor Theme Park, the attraction saw more than 20 million visitors walking through and enjoying the indoor theme park with more than 1,000,000 tickets sold a year before its closure in 2017. 

The indoor theme park was ahead of its time with attractions such as SkyVenture, a free fall skydiving simulator the only one in Asia then. 

With the introduction of the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) to re-develop Resorts World Genting, the Indoor Theme Park was part of the plans to be re-vamped to accommodate the new look and feel that the resort was re-creating. 

This shift in paradigm and outlook has enabled the resort to offer a new ‘Funland’ for guests of all ages to enjoy.


Check out the rides available right now!

Divided into Child, Family and Thrill categories, each of the rides has been specifically designed with a glorious and kaleidoscopic atmosphere.

For children, things can start off merrily in the Ride ‘Em Round, a classic carousel of pastiche elephants, lions and horses, whirling around at speed. Pick up the pace in the Whirly Bugs ride, where kids will be seated in pods rotating swiftly around a central spire. 

Boo Boo Bump provides a spin on the classic bumper cars, while Loop De Loop rotates frantically around an illuminated wrought-iron Genting Tower to shrieks of joy.

Adults can get in on the fun as well, with rides meant for the whole family to enjoy.

First, get the adrenaline started with the Copper Express vintage as it ‘choo-choos’ its way along a 61m track, providing a visual tour of Skytropolis Funland.

Space Cadets elevates and spins passengers around for an exhilarating exploration of the solar system. Bring things down to earth with a regal spin on the Royal Carousel, or stay up in the sky in emulation of Phileas Fogg and his journey Around the World in 80 Days in the Balloon Race. 

The brave can also take things up a notch in Thrill rides, which up the ante in terms of adrenaline.

Start on the ground in a super-sized version of bumper cars meant for guests who are kids at heart in Bumper Boss, then prepare to soar high.

Sky Tower takes guests up to the top of an Art Deco tower at a leisurely pace, only to drop them at thrilling speeds to the base.

Disco! will challenge guests’ orientation, swirling them around a disco ball on a roller-coaster track, while Spin Crazy shows the world from very different angles where up is down and right is left, looping 360 degrees in the air around a central axis. 

Power Surge is an intense high-flying ride that will have you round and round and upside down, literally.

Best of all, xtra readers get to join in on the fun for FREE! All you have to do is join the contest accordingly:

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Step 3: Screenshot your post and email it to us along with your personal details (name, IC number, phone number, and address) to [email protected].

Winners will get 2 tickets to Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, 2 passes to Genting Bowl, and 2 passes to Senikome*.

For more information, please call + 603 6101 1118 visit

*Terms & Conditions:

  • This contest runs from 8th February until 28th February, 2019.
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  • Winners must bring a valid IC, and the representative must bring a copy of the winner’s IC.
  • xtra has the right to change or cancel any entries if participants are found to have failed following the steps.

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