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Things You Need to Know Before Heading to Kevin Hart’s Show in Kuala Lumpur

Whether he’s made you laugh from his stand-up comedy routines, or you know him from any number of Hollywood films he’s starred in, chances are you’re familiar with the rising star that is Kevin Hart.

LOL Events is proud to be able to present to fans in Malaysia his latest Stand Up Comedy Tour ‘The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour’ at Axiata Arena this December 15th, 2018.

What’s The Show About?

Kevin Hart’s comedy is inspired by his own life and aspirations. His shows tend to incorporate self-deprecating humour largely due to his less than intimidating voice or physique.

Hart announced the tour with a goofy, profane trailer video in which five sides of his personality – the author, the athlete, the mogul, the actor and the comic – argue with each other on a private jet.


Tickets for the show

LOL Events is the official organizer for The Kevin Hart : Irresponsible Tour in Malaysia, head on to their website to get tickets. Axiata Arena is able to accommodate 9,200 pax with tickets close to selling out.

The show is suggested for ages 16 years and above, with tickets currently sold out in the VIP & Cat 1 Section. Tickets are still available in the following categories:

CATEGORY 2 : RM300.00
CATEGORY 3 : RM250.00
CATEGORY 4 : RM200.00

Members of Enrich by Malaysia Airlines who purchase tickets for the show will be able to earn Enrich Miles when purchasing tickets online.

Audiences are strongly advised against purchasing tickets from scalpers or any other third-party ticketing/non-ticketing website. There will be strict SECURITY in place to check on tickets.

Each ticket has a one-of-a-kind barcode, and tickets can be compromised if shared publicly. If tickets are purchased through other sources, LOL Events will not be able to guarantee the validity of tickets, availability of seats or entrance to the arena.


Food & Drinks

Anticipating the surge of crowd attending the show, food and beverage will be provided by a multiple vendors inside and outside Axiata Arena from 6pm onwards.

Touch ‘n Go eWallet will be the ONLY payment master used by all the vendors. The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that provides services such as reloads, payments, funds transfer, via your smart phone, anywhere and anytime.

First time users of the app are entitled to a RM8 Complimentary Reload Pin which they can claim from the Touch ‘n Go booths available at Axiata Arena on the day of the event.



As the Official Car Sharing Partner for The Kevin Hart : Irresponsible Tour in Malaysia, SOCAR is providing their users with custom wrapped Kevin Hart cars. Users will just need to download the app and select cars using the special Kevin Hart pins available.

Limited designated car park spots will be made available at Axiata Arena for audiences driving the custom wrapped Kevin Hart cars.

SOCAR is a car-sharing platform that allows users to book a car which suits their needs by the hour, day or week all through using their mobile application.


No Mobile Phones During The Show

Kevin Hart’s management team has requested no texting, tweeting, phone calls, photos or recording devices of any kind during his performance. If audiences are found with your mobile phone out during the show, they will be – per the instructions of the show – escorted from the building immediately.

Audiences are advised to keep mobile phones in their pockets or purses from the moment they enter the arena. Even before the show starts, anyone caught with their mobile phone out and the power on, will be ejected. NO warnings will be given.

If they need to use their phones, audiences are advised to go to the concourse area and out of the arena hall.

Video / audio recording equipment / cameras of any type WILL STRICTLY NOT be allowed into the venue. This includes GoPro Cameras, Ipods, Ipads, Tripods or Monopods, Selfie stickes, Google Glasses and professional cameras.


Hope you guys keep all of this in mind and have a great time next weekend!

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