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Watch How This 6’1″ K-Pop Star Turned Into A Fanboy When Ryan Reynolds Stood Next To Him

Chanyeol’s inner fanboy jumped out when he met Ryan Reynolds the other day.

On December 2nd, a red carpet event for the film “6 Underground” was held in Seoul. Gracing the evening was cast members Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Adria Arjona and director Michael Bay, as well as producer Ian Bryce.

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Before the appearance of the film stars, the event had also welcomed a breathtaking stage by EXO whom performed their newly released track “Obsession”!

As of now, almost all EXO-Ls have known that Chanyeol is a really big fan of Ryan Renolds — proved by the multiple times the 6’1″ K-Pop star had cosplayed as Deadpool during Halloween and the star’s birthday fanmeeting last year.

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2016 Halloween @deadpool

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❝It’s such an honour to be able to meet an actor that I’ve always liked. I’m really excited for ‘6 Underground’. I want to watch it right away.❞ — Chanyeol

Once Ryan Reynolds and the other cast mates had came up the stage, he expressed that EXO’s performance was amazing and even gave them a thumbs up!

Taking this golden opportunity that only comes once in a blue moon, Chanyeol took a selca with the Hollywood star and shared in his Instagram.

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Not only that, Ryan Reynolds had also posted photos on Instagram with the group, hilariously wrote

❝I’m in the band. No, for serious. The security guard who tasered me was part of a carefully choreographed sequence me and the guys have been working on from our basement studio in my imagination.❞ — Ryan Reynolds

As per usual when K-Pop idols attend events, there will always be cameras taking shots of them. And the footage captured between Chanyeol and Ryan Reynolds is so cute for the fans to handle.

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