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What a Great Year to Celebrate #KitaPunya Merdeka!

When was the last time we waved the colours of the Jalur Gemilang on our cars? When was the last time we were proud to call ourselves Malaysians? To reignite the spirit, Media Prima Berhad launches the campaign #KitaPunya, a campaign to celebrate the birth of our nation, Malaysia.

According to Group Managing Director of Media Prima Berhad, Datuk Kamal Khalid,

“Kita Punya campaign is carried out as Media Prima Berhad’s symbol of patriotism and at the same time to raise awareness amongst Malaysians about the importance of relishing our nation’s independence. With that spirit, we provide all our platforms for Malaysians to express their patriotic ideas.

“Every post on social media with the hashtags #kitapunya and #sayangimalaysiaku will be accounted as inspirations and will be made as digital content throughout the campaign.

“This is the first integrated campaign involving all the platforms under Media Prima Berhad, similarly how Malaysians constantly unite in achieving greater heights for the name of the country.

“Therefore, in correspondence of the unity of Malaysians, we are proud to introduce Karnival Gegaria #KitaPunya in conjunction with the 61 st National Day.

“We urge all Malaysians to drop by and join this campaign and express your love for the nation.”

Bunkface becomes the voice for the campaign with their brand new original song titled Kita Punya Malaysia as the theme.

Plus, a lot of famous personalities came on as partners such as Noh Salleh, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Ujang ‘Ibrahim’ Anon, Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran, Aniu, Julian Yee, Khairul Abdul Aziz and Haikal Mohamad Noh.

With their many great achievements and deeds done throughout the entire globe and of course our own country, surely they’re the best people to have on board.

Plus, from August 1st until September 9th, 2018, a contest just for you to stand a chance to win prizes up to RM10,000 will be running.

All you have to do is express your patriotic stories through pictures and creative captions, upload them onto your social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and include the hashtags #kitapunya and #kitapunyacontest.

Isn’t it a great way to celebrate our love and pride for Malaysia? Just remember to put up the hashtags and you’re good to go!


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