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7 Grams-Worthy Dessert Cafes in JB!

Sugar, Grams, and all the likes! These are ingredients chosen to create the perfect Instagram shot!

Johor Bahru or JB is known for the hub of the bestest among the bestest of foods and drinks. With the recent trend of having the most picturesque Instagram-worthy ambiance, cafes now are competing with each other in creating eateries that are not just about food but for the experience. Here, we’ve selected 7 cafes that can be found around JB that you must visit!

Get your cameras up and find your good angle, and let’s get Instagrammin!

Starting it strong with cakes from 89KILOS!

89KILOS is known for their most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing cakes and bake goods. Ranging from the simplest creamy vanilla cakes up to their super moist chocolate cakes, the slices are too heavenly that you wouldn’t want to start eating at all!

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The perfect ice shave with Homibing.

Ice shaves are currently in trend. Whether it be the Korean Bingsu or the Japanese Kakigori, none did it like Homibing! For the guilty pleasures, the chocolate ice shaves topped with brownies should be the go to! If you’re going healthy, opt for the delicate mango ice shaves; topped with freshly cut real mangoes. These ice shaves are definitely paradise for the eyes and mouth. 

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Kuma Rainbow Cheese Toast for the unicorn lovers!

What’s better than a grilled cheese? Yes! Rainbow grilled cheese! This is literally the dream of every hardcore unicorn stans out there. Who wouldn’t droll over the alluring stringy cheese of these toasts? Yum!

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Iceyoo for the perfect Kakigori shot.

What differs between Iceyoo and other Kakigori cafes out there? Well, if it isn’t the vast selection of Kakigoris in the menu, Iceyoo’s cafe is built and designed in such a modern and simplistic style that creates the perfect ambiance for the most perfect neutral minimalist shots!

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Icedealistick! Now, say that 5 more times.

Your typical childhood ice cream on a stick just got a major glow up! I mean, there’s nothing left to say. Let the pictures do all the talking. I assure you wouldn’t get enough taking pictures because with this ice cream, every angle is the perfect shot.

Creamery JB combines the hots and the colds, just like Katy Perry.

Hot piping cookies topped with cold creamy ice cream. What a match made in heaven! Not only these desserts beyond scrumptious, they whole presentation of it being served in a pan is an experience unlike any have seen! You should definitely put this in your JB stop lists.

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Experience the most delicious icy goodness with Rabbit Softserve.

This soft serve is so graceful-looking that it would fit for a Queen. Literally with the simplistic and minimalist ambiance of the cafe, these ice creams do wonders not only for your Grams but also your tongue. Top it up with some boba if you’re still in the boba fever.

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Writing all about these desserts are making me droll. Brb, gotta get me some cakes and ice creams from these places. Toodles!

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