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Finding The Right Skincare for Asian-Sensitive Skin Is the Toughest Thing To Do!

Oh, sensitive skin! Why are you such a hassle?

To my girls (and boys) out there with sensitive skin, finding the right skincare product is literally like grasping at straws! Literally, our face have to be treated as lab rats as reviews online are never trustworthy as we have to try the products ourselves!

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Regular products might be too harsh, while gentler ones might not be effective enough! Meanwhile, our Malaysia weather (thank you very much) can worsen out sensitivity triggers with dust, chlorine in swimming pools and even the humidity level in our air! 

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And what will happen if we don’t take care of our skin properly? Dry and itchy skin, flakiness, red patches or even painful spots on skin is the answer! Moreover, for Asians ‘blessed’ with sensitive skin, looking for our skin’s ‘Mr. Right’ can be hit-or-miss as most products are developed for European skin where the conditions there are cooler.

▲ Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

Hence, to address this particular skin condition especially for Asians, skincare powerhouse Bio-Essence proudly launches their latest skincare brand—DR Dermis, that is co-developed with dermatologists.

image taken from: goody25

Formulated with Derma-Mimic ComplexTM, DR Dermis’ core ingredient functions as skin’s natural lipids to repair damages due to external as well as internal stressors.

The launch marks Dr Dermis as one of the new leaders in the field of Derma science as the brand’s revolutionary formulation—Derma-Mimic ComplexTM involves the work of over 200 researchers and scientists, including dermatologists!

The DR Dermis 5-steps includes 7 products; Clarifiant Gel Cleanser, Amino Gentle Cleanser, Cera-Essential Liquid, Double Power Vitamin Concentrate, Double Power Vitamin Moisturizer, Cera-Repair Cream and Hydrogen Spray.

▲ The skincare line is also curated specially to be hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.

Not only that, the DR Dermis line infuses its products with Advanced Triple Ceramides that repairs dry sensitive skin and Double Power Nutrients which saves your skin from drying and flakiness!

▲ So, not only DR Dermis protects sensitive skin, but it cures and improves as well.

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