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Here’s 7 Easy Tips for People Who are New to Fasting

We have reached a new era in Malaysia whereby we are learning to share each races culture and forming it into one. Instead of you do your thing and I’ll do mine, we are now sharing these activities with each other.

It is now the Holy month of Ramadan and our dear Muslim friends are fasting. So we, the non-Muslims, should also try out fasting.

However, our friends have done this for many years now and they do know how to fast for a full day unlike us newbies. Which is why you might wanna take note of these tips if you’re fasting for the first time.

1. Start with semi-fasting

For our Malaysian Muslim friends, they fast for about 13.5 hours from Subuh which is about 5.45am until Maghrib which is around 7.30pm.

But if we noobs try to fast the whole day like that for the first time, we might just give up without even trying. Which is why it is okay to start out small. Starting with about 6 to 8 hours of fasting is a good first step.


2. Don’t eat too much for sahur

Some people might think that because they can’t eat for quite a few hours, they should binge as much as they can for breakfast. It’s actually not advisable to do so.

You should eat the typical amount for breakfast you consume everyday.


3. Eat healthy foods and lots of vegetables

Contrary to popular belief of eating vegetables will make you go hungry faster, it is actually advised to consume more vegetables and beans before fasting.

You should consume more beans, legumes, and soups rich in orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, squash and pumpkin.

Plus, you’ll need all the fibre you can get as well.


4. Avoid hard to digest foods and sugars

Foods such as red meat is very hard to digest leaving your system feeling uncomfortable throughout the fasting period.

Sugars on the other hand are very dehydrating so you might want to think twice about consuming those sweet drinks.


5. Stay hydrated

Regardless of whether we are fasting or not, we must stay as hydrated as possible. Unfortunately, because fasting does not permit us from drinking water, we must consume an adequate amount before and after.

Meanwhile, our skin needs lots of water to keep moisturised as well. Remember to use lip cream, moisturiser and body lotion so that your skin doesn’t absorb the h2o from other parts of your body that needs it.


6. Don’t gobble down food during iftar

Yes, you’ve starved yourself throughout the whole day and you really want to eat anything and everything in sight. However, it is extremely bad for your digestive track if you suddenly start shoving loads of foods down your throat.

Instead, firstly, drink a whole glass of water. Start with the light and easy to eat foods such as soup, fruits and soft kuih. Remember to take your time chewing too.

Your system needs time to adjust back to digesting after being dormant for the whole day.


7. Take smaller but more frequent meals when not fasting

It is actually scientifically proven that eating lesser during a meal but increasing the number of meals is very good. So don’t be shy to snack away while you’re not fasting.

Just remember to eat the healthy stuff like nuts and raisins instead of high sodium chips and whatnot. Oh, and consume more water too!


Fasting during the Ramadan month doesn’t have to be limited to our Muslim friends only. Why not join them this year? With these seven simple steps, you’ll be alright.

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