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Hey Potterheads, a Harry Potter-Themed Cruise is Coming!

Potterheads, we all dreamt of receiving a letter via owls when we were 11 but unfortunately, it never came.

Yes, unfortunately, we are but mere muggles or squibs dreaming to be one of those lucky wizards and witches studying in Hogwarts.

Alas, we could only live out our dreams through other ways such as dressing up like one, speaking the Harry Potter lingo, and visiting all those Harry Potter-themed events and places.

Something wonderful and new has come our way. According to Viva, an American tour company called Barge Lady Cruises, has announced an epic Harry Potter-themed cruise!

The cruise will travel along River Thames in London and it will make stops at some of the locations where the Harry Potter movies were shot at.

They are Virginia Water where Harry first met Buckbeak, Picket Post Close which we all know as number 4 Pivet Drive, and there will a stop at the Warner Brothers Studios too.

The one-week cruise will set sail during the summer. There are two sessions available – August 5th to 11th and August 19th to 25th.

The only thing stopping us all from going for that cruise is probably the price. The tour will set us back at US$4,190 (RM16,414) per person! Not to mention, you still need to pay for flight tickets over to London first.

Well, Potterheads, if all of us could afford it, the cruise would be flooded with people by now, right?

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