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Malaysian Wins Silver Medal in International French Pastry Competition

Perhaps some people found it to be such a niche category which was why many people are unfamiliar with such grand competitions such as the Mondial des Arts Sucrés.

It is an international French Pastry competition whereby representatives from many countries come together to compete in making some of the most delicious desserts in terms of palate and vision.

Chef Yap (left) preparing the competition pieces.

Alas, our very own Malaysian Chef, Yap Kean Chuan brought home the silver prize, beating out amazing countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Japan and Taiwan, but he received little celebration from our own people.

Psst, we even beat out our long-time rival and neighbour, Singapore.

The competition is tough af. Competitors are given 19 hours to craft every art piece from scratch!

Within those hours, contestants are required to churn out 7 different products from scratch with pre-made items being strictly prohibited.

Lo and behold, the Malaysian representative, Chef Yap was able to beat out everyone except the ever-so-resilient French team.

It’s like trying to outrun Usain Bolt when it comes to beating the French in such pastry competitions. However, coming in second place has made a mark for Malaysia in the scene

For such a ‘small’ country to suddenly come out on top, Chef Yap has helped create a name for our country and that everyone else should watch out for us. #Represent

The best part is, we Malaysians get to try out two of the several award-winning creations!

The Bar du chocolat is a rich three-layered chocolate bar consisting of a peanut praline base, passion fruit, lime and mandarin purée in the middle, and a smooth banana ganache on top.

To encompass these three items together is a generous layer of delicious chocolate making it the perfect accompaniment to any high tea.

The second treat is called the Gâteau du paradis sept which is a dense chocolate French cake. According to the name, it has seven different layers of fillings; a layer of mousse, gélee, crémeux, ganache, streusel base and two layers of sponge cake, finished with a thick mirror glaze.

The match the theme of the competition, the mirror glaze is mixed with gold which gives off a sophisticated air of luxury which many would not get everyday.

Interested customers can purchase these indulgent desserts from Xiao by Crustz thanks to their partnership with the amazing chefs at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia.

The sale is only for a limited time though!

Malaysians can acquire these delicacies from April until June this year only. Also, because the desserts are so complex to make, we must make a 4 days advance booking.

Details of the sale as per below:

Duration :  1st April – 30th June, 2018
Location : Xiao by Crustz
Address : Happy Mansion, B-G-6, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Telephone : 016 – 211 0932
Price : Bar du chocolat – RM36 per box (4pcs)
  : Gâteau du paradis sept – RM148 per cake (1kg)

If you’ve any inquiries, feel free to contact Xiao by Crustz via their Facebook or Instagram, or the Academy of Pastry Arts through their Facebook or Instagram.





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