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Savour in Delicious Steak at Amazingly Affordable Prices

If you’ve tried NY Steak Shack’s Sizzling Combos before then it’s highly likely that you are already a fan.

After receiving much love from our patrons, NY Steak Shack has decided to bring back the irresistible Sizzling Combos menu for the second time.

Available from 4 March until 28 April 2019, NY Steak Shack’s Sizzling Combos serves up four delightful and flavoursome pairings of protein which will not only excite your taste buds but ignite all your senses altogether.

Each combo comes with NY Steak Shack’s all-time favourite grilled NY Striploin steak and a choice of either one of four types of meat – Smoked Beef, Beef Meatballs, Lamb Noisette or Southwest Chicken – all served on a bed of fresh onions and sweet corn kernels, complemented with fragrant garlic butter, choice of two sides and brown or black pepper sauce.

For guests who fancy beef, the NY Striploin + Smoked Beef (RM 52.80) or the NY Striploin + Beef Meatballs (RM 48.80) pairings are as hearty as they are rich in flavour.

Meanwhile, the NY Striploin + Lamb Noisette (RM58.80) or the NY Striploin + Southwest Chicken (RM 52.80) are also equally delectable tasty options good for any occasion or mood.

Now a meal that delightful certainly requires something as captivating to wash it all down.

Well, the expert mixologists at NY Steak Shack have it all covered with four specially concocted splashing mocktails which pair well with any combo selection.

Thanks to a partnership between NY Steak Shack and 7Up, Mug Sarsaparilla and Nestle Ice Cream, guests can choose between the Mug Sarsaparilla Splash, Strawberry Lemonade, Cranberry Cooler, Pina Coco and the Summer Fizz, each priced at RM8.80.


All prices quoted are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Service Tax. More details of the promotion and latest news can be found on Facebook.

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