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Song Hye Kyo Leaves Laneige for Sulwhasoo

Song Hye Kyo is a name most Korean drama fans would know. This actress starred in multiple award-winning dramas and movies recently. She is currently best known for being the lead actress in Descendants of the Sun co-star is her now-husband, Song Joong Ki.

Hye Kyo isn’t a new name in the industry either. She debuted as a model at the tender age of 14 after coming in first place in the Sunkyung Smart Model contest.

Soon after, she got small acting spots in several dramas.

Thanks to her great success in the entertainment business, she’s garnered endless offers to be the face of many products. Of course, such a beauty like her deserves to be an ambassador for skin care brands.

Previously, Hye Kyo was the face of popular brand Laneige. Now, she is collaborating with Sulwhasoo’s various global campaigns and is set to communicate the brand’s story to the world.

Sulwhasoo explained that they particularly wanted Hye Kyo as their brand muse because of her versatility as an actress and he incredible charms.

In fact, not only is Hye Kyo vital to such vanity brands, she even served as an ambassador to promote the recent Korea-China Trade and Economic Partnership Conference!

Goes to show just how influential she really is…

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the beautiful lady’s face in dramas and movies. Since becoming the wife of Joong Ki, the couple has been laying low to enjoy their newfound married life.

Hye Kyo has been inactive in acting since Descendants of the Sun while Joong Ki last starred in an action-packed movie called The Battleship island.

They united in holy matrimony on October 31st, 2017.

Though it is rather unsatisfying to not be able to watch the couple on our screens, we can be assured that they are still active in other activities.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched or weren’t able to watch all episodes of Descendants of the Sun, catch the full series on tonton today.

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