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Transformation Tuesday: This Old Junk Turned into KL’s First Class Dining Hot Stop

Flying on a plane is quite the experience. Some people find it awesome while others are just plain terrified.

But what if you could board a plane, spend a couple of hours inside, visit the cockpit, be pampered with first class service, and not have to face the awful turbulence of being in the sky?

It is now possible thanks to Plane in the City, Malaysia’s very first restaurant located inside an aeroplane in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

From an old junk to the hottest dining spot in town, Plane in the City is an escalation from your typical 5-star dining experience. With waitresses dressed in stewardess clothing, you’ll feel like you’re in the sky.

The whole aviation theme extends to outside the jet too!

Upon arrival, you will be checked in just like how you would at the airport. You will be led to a lounge where you will be given welcome drinks* and be spoilt accordingly.

There is also a runway leading you from the premises’ exit, to the lounge and then to the airliner.

It took extensive hours and a great team to ensure the metal scrap was refurbished to a grand yet unique restaurant. 

It wasn’t easy either. The team had to take apart an old aircraft from KLIA into Kuala Lumpur piece by piece. The plane’s body was the most difficult part because it couldn’t be taken apart further.

Hence, a massive truck had and police escorts had to weave through the Klang Valley roads in the middle of the night. Thankfully, no issues cropped up to hinder this process.

The transformation is truly one-of-a-kind which anyone could appreciate. Watch the video below:

Looks amazing, right? Well, aside from the first class treatment in a posh environment as such, you can also visit the cockpit and walk on the wings!

There are three types of packages for you to choose from; First Class, Business Class and Economy Class.

The package details as per below:

  Economy Class Business Class First Class
Price per pax RM199 RM399 RM999
Entrance to SKYLAND Lounge Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive
Arrival Drinks   2 Complimentary Glasses of Cocktail or Mocktail Free Flow Cocktail or Mocktail
Arrival Snacks   4 Pieces of Boston Lobster in Mini Buns with Lemony Dressing 4 Pieces of Boston Lobster in Mini Buns with Lemony Dressing & 4 Pieces of Harenka Caviar, Sour Cream and Lemon
Boarding   Priority Boarding First to Board
Window Seat 1 Person 1 Person 1 Person
Free Flow Drinks During Meal Water Only Water Only Water Only
Dinner Exclusive 3 Course Dinner BUSINESS CLASS Upgraded 4 Course Dinner FIRST CLASS Exclusive and Upgraded 4 Course Dinner
Cockpit Visit Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive
Wing Walk Experience   Inclusive Inclusive
1 Night Stay in Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur     Inclusive

Check out Plane in the City’s website to do your booking.

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