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High fashion can only be either amazing or weird – there is no in between!

This time, it seems like fashion went a little bit quirky as yet another western brand has decided to use typical Asian items as their ‘new line’.

Previously, Hermès got their clutch bag’s inspiration from Malaysia’s nasi lemak bungkus. Then, Balenciaga noticed the typical Asian auntie market bags and was inspired to make their own overpriced version.

Source: Goodyfeed

Later, Gucci also found Malaysia’s typical dirty school shoes to be fascinating enough to turn into high fashion.

Now, it seems like the typical South Asian and Southeast Asian sarong has become the latest fad. Metro reported that Zara is selling this ‘skirt’ at £69.99 (RM384) each!

This garment is something that men and women in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Pakistan, etc., would wear around the waist. Some ladies even wear it from the chest.

Source: Wikipedia

It is quite the kampung fashion sense indeed. 

Zara, on the other hand, describes their ‘new’ creation as a “flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam.”.

Unfortunately, the massive fashion label has only ONE design for this ‘skirt’, unlike the original counterpart where we’ve got various designs, including the traditional batik designs.

Source: Metro

In fact, we can find much cheaper ones too for the exact same design which Zara sells. If you visit some of the local department stores or vendors which sells it, you can find prices for as low as RM5 per piece.

Of course, some of the handmade batik designs could actually match Zara’s pricing as well. But who wouldn’t pay RM380 for an intricately handmade and unique batik design?

Source: Wikipedia

Well-made batik sarongs can last for almost an entire lifetime too and sometimes can be a wonderful gift to others.

Well, which would you prefer for the same price? Zara’s ‘skirt’ or a handmade batik sarong?



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