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HappyFresh Partners With AEON to Deliver Groceries to More Malaysians

HappyFresh, Malaysia’s Leading Online Grocery Delivery company has teamed up with AEON CO. (M) BHD. to provide Malaysians with better value at their convenience.

Customers can now purchase groceries via the HappyFresh mobile app from four new participating stores in Klang Vallley namely, AEON Wangsa Maju; AEON Taman Equine; AEON MaxValu Prime in Sunway Velocity; AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn in Johor Bahru.

To commemorate this partnership, HappyFresh customers who purchase from these outlets will be able to enjoy welcome discounts starting from RM20. First time customers can also enjoy free delivery and a RM50 voucher.

HappyFresh encourage customers to download the app and explore the stores that are located within the customers’ vicinity.

Hu Hun Hui, Managing Director of HappyFresh Malaysia, says,

“At HappyFresh, we have always focused on driving growth within the company by working with different partners to provide our customers with a better shopping experience.

“Over the years, we have seen an increase in our customer base as we introduce new partners.

“With AEON on board our platform, we are confident they will further add value to our service of delivering the best to our customers.”

With this new partnership, HappyFresh customers will now be able to select from nearly 50,000 high quality products offered on the platform at their convenience.

Shinobu Washizawa, Managing Director of AEON CO. (M) BHD., says,

“For some, shopping might be therapeutic while for others, shopping might be a bit of a hassle especially with the kids and time constraints.

“AEON has been in the market for almost 35 years and we do see the evolution of our customer needs and lifestyles where there is a very steep curve of change in the last five years. A

“ll these changes are fuelled by one important factor that disrupts how businesses work these days, which is technology evolution.

“Most of the latest technology developed are focusing on finding solutions to overcome the pain points of daily lives while eventually making life much more convenient for some.

“By riding on our customer first philosophy, we understand that there are customers who love AEON but at the same time would like to enjoy the convenience of shopping with us.

“Hence, we are partnering with HappyFresh where we strongly believe we will be able to extend our customer first philosophy, by providing convenience to our customers.”

As freshness of the groceries is of utmost importance to customers, HappyFresh provides each customer with an experienced personal shopper who will select only the best for their needs and suggest replacements where necessary.

Customers can chat in-app with the personal shoppers who will then ensure that the delivery is made as soon as the next hour on the same day.

To date, HappyFresh has nearly 200 personal shoppers and riders in Malaysia, operating for its nearly 150 stores partners such as AEON, Tesco, Mydin, Giant, Cold Storage, Jason’s Food Hall and Mercato, amongst many others.

The HappyFresh app is available for download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. For more information on HappyFresh and to make an order, visit their website.

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