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Here’s How You Can Make Your Chinese New Year Even More Memorable Than Ever

There are so many reasons why Chinese New Year is such a fun holiday to celebrate regardless if you’re of Chinese ancestry or not.

The fun tossing of Yee Sang is probably the only time throughout the entire year where we’re encouraged to play with our food. Fireworks and firecrackers fill the night with gorgeous bright lights and exciting loud bangs.

Friends and family gather in a residence, bringing life and vigour into households which are generally during the rest of the year. Of course, we get to pig out glorious foods made out of premium ingredients which we wouldn’t get on a normal day.

Wearing bright-coloured new clothes is also an exciting way for us to show off our OOTDs on social media. Still, the best part would have to be receiving angpow.

Needless to say, we’ve got so many fun stuff to do, and we can’t go without sharing all these precious memories online.

This year, TikTok is enhancing these awesome moments by bringing in some entertaining challenges.

1. Show off your reunion dinner

As the most important dinner of the year, turn your gloriously-laid food snaps into an enviable moment by creating your own #cny2019vlog video through the #cny2019food challenge.


2. Flaunt to your elders that you know their generation’s songs too

Impress your kongkong and popo by showing them your own rendition of classic CNY songs that can be found on TikTok.

For a more modern twist, usher in good fortune by participating in the ongoing local #cnysohappy and #happybeautifulyear challenges with fellow Malaysians which offer a variety of CNY tunes, while giving you a chance to win various prizes from participating brands.


3. Include your elders in the latest trends

The cutest trend on TikTok recently called the #fourgenerations challenge is to have four generations in a clip, with
each child calling out to their parent.

A great way to bridge generational gaps without saying a word, but by creating memorable moments that would last a lifetime.


4. OOTD videos are better than pictures


Go one step further this year by creating a #cny2019fashion or the #clotheschange challenge video which features several outfits in one single video.


5. Get rid of generic e-greeting cards and make your own special ones instead

Spamming people with a boring e-card is so outdated. In fact, people are now annoyed at what we might as well call junk mail. Instead, get inventive this year with your Chinese New Year greeting by curating your best visuals in the form of a short TikTok video.

Use filters such as the Chinese princess headdress, CNY-themed stickers and transition effects to add wackiness to your greetings, and don’t forget to match it to the wide selection of CNY tunes on TikTok.


A new year should definitely be rung in with new trends and what better way than to try out some of these challenges and fun games.

Ready to start your Chinese New Year greeting with TikTok? Download the app via iOS or Google Play.

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