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Bride DEMANDS RM6k From Each Wedding Guests or They’re Not Invited

Planning a wedding can get pretty exhausting, not to mention the additional stress of just how expensive everything costs today.

Of course, just because things are pricier doesn’t mean anyone owes it to us to have our dream wedding come true right?

Well, a spoilt brat by the name of Susan from America thought that it was perfectly fine to demand US$1,500 (RM6,100) from her wedding guests, News reported.

The funny thing is, not many people would have made it obviously because who could afford to spend that much money on someone else’s matrimony?

The wedding was cancelled and Susan felt the need to blame the entire world for her lack of money for her fairytale ceremony.

Read on as Susan rant and how her friends questioned her sanity:

The story has gone so viral to the point where Chrissy Teigen read about and found it to be insane!


What do you guys think of Susan’s demands and rant?

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