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Dunkin’ Donuts Announced They Will Not Sell Donuts Anymore?

Before the arrival of Big Apple, J.CO and Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donut has always been near to our childhood heart.

The signature yellow jam-filled “Happy” donut and the ever-tasteful Choc Pudding are some of our past favourites and arguably may even still be current favourites for some of us!

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The pillowy sugary sweet treat has always been our comfort dessert of all occasions; when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re rushing to get some easy snacks, or simply just when we’re craving for some good donuts.

Unfortunately for some of us, there’s a bad news coming!

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Starting on today onward, Dunkin’ Donut Malaysia will be moving forward with a new set of goal and vision, and with that the brand itself will be undergoing a major re-branding process.

Dunkin’ Donuts or more precisely now known as Dunkin’ has announced that they will be cutting out the name “Donut” from the brand and will continue with simply Dunkin’.

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This is because Dunkin’ found out that for the couple past years, their donuts have received major competition from external new brands which has led to a significant drop of sales in the Asian and American market.

Hence, to further bring the brand to its full potential, the newly re-branded Dunkin’ will be focusing and putting highlight in  selling premium beverages catering for the on-the-go’s.

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This initiative is linear to United States’ where the company had started the same measure in 2018.

But this doesn’t mean that they will be putting a halt into producing our their donuts, however they are taking a step forward to re-create their image as a hub of premium beverages, not donuts.

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