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“Gotta Tapao Them All” — Every Sabahan and Sarawakian to Gardenias Before Flying Back From Peninsular

Once again, the world of Twitter did wonders for new knowledge and never-known-before information.

On July 13th when a Twitter user under the username @pikijat uploaded what seemed to be a picture of a fat box of Gardenia buns, Malaysian Twitter got especially the ones in West got utterly confused! From plain old 90 cent vanilla buns up to the RM1.50 chocolate and walnut Supreme Muffins, these Gardenia products were claimed to be bought from West Malaysia and would be brought back to Sarawak.

But the question is WHY?!

Isn’t there any Gardenia buns back in Sarawak?

The tweet immediately caught people’s attention with almost 2k retweets and 3k likes. It’s either people were agreeing to his Tweet or people were clueless of this matter.

Apparently it was revealed by another Sarawakian Twitter user that the typical 90 cents Gardenia buns that all West Malaysians ate so much as an all-time snacks would retail at high as RM2.30 each!

And apparently, the superior Delicia Butterscotch bread that West Malaysians can easily get at RM4.50 is sold twice the price at Miri with RM9.00! Now that’s crazy!

Shocking! Yes, me too! Some locals also added that some of the flavours and variations that West Malaysians could grab easily in the nearest 7 Eleven are not available in Sabah and Sarawak because they are considered as competition to the local bakeries.


So next time if you want to be a good lad to your Borneo mates, forget all the souvenirs! Just bring along a box-full of Gardenia breads and they’d for sure shower you with love. 

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