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Korean Man Does Surgery to Get Abs Instead of Exercising

With the pressure of society on our looks and image these days, it’s really hard to ignore all the ‘perfect’ people around.

Perhaps this Korean man felt the pressure and wanted to gain those rock hard abs everyone’s been raving about. The thing is, instead of working out, he went to the extent of doing surgery!

According to Koreaboo, the unnamed man did Abdominal Etching, a recent cosmetic procedure which is similar to liposuction whereby fats are removed from the abdominal area.

However, instead of cleanly removing every amount of fats, some are left behind and shaped to look like abs!

Apparently, it’s a procedure created specifically for ‘busy’ people but want to look good at the same time. It seems the painful surgery is pretty complicated too as it takes quite a long time to recover from.

Although cosmetic procedures are very common in South Korea, even the locals question whether it was worth it.

“It looks dangerous.”

At the same time, others felt that it may not last very long.

“But if he doesn’t manage himself won’t he just built fat over it again? If you look at people with good bodies, the hard part is not having them, but maintaining them.”

Meanwhile, many felt he could have just hit the gym instead.

“He could have used that money to exercise.”

“I would rather exercise.”

What do you guys think of his new surgical trend?

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