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Malaysian Health Ministry Bans Five Cosmetic Products; Described As Poisonous For Consumers

Scheduled poisons are found in these products.

Once again, the nation’s Health Ministry’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) has named more cosmetic products that are described as hazardous to consumers. And this time around, five cosmetic products are named.

Natural Plant Skin Refining Moisturizer Cream, Sparkle Moon Night Cream, V3 Premier Beauty Facial Night Cream, Brilliant Skin Essentials Rejuvenating Facial Toner and Brilliant Skin Essentials Rejuvenating Facial Cream.

▲ The banned cosmetics named by NPRA.

The sales and distribution of these cosmetics will stop immediately at it violates the Control of Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations 1984. With the violation, any individual involved could be fined nor more than RM25,000 or a maximum of three year of imprisonment, or both, for the first offense.

▲ Photo by Ari Spada on Unsplash

Datuk Dr Noor Hisah Abdullah, Health Director-General, revealed that scheduled poisons—micronazole, mercury, betamethasone 17-valerate, hydroquinone and tretinoin—are found in these products.

“Micronazole can increase anti-fungal resistance, thus reducing its effectiveness in treating future infections. Betamethasone 17-valerate thins the skin which can cause irritation, acne, change in pigmentation and increase of risk of it absorbing into the blood circulatory system.

Hydroquinone causes redness, discomfort and making skin hypersensitive. The use of tretinoin without supervision can cause peeling as well as hypersensitivity to sunlight. Mercury was banned in cosmetics as it could interfere brain development of young of unborn children.”

— Datuk Dr Noor Hisah Abdullah, Health Director-General.

Those who are using the products are advised to put an immediate halt and seek advice from health professionals if they experience any discomfort.

▲ Photo by karelys Ruiz on Unsplash

Consumers can check the status of cosmetic products at

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