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Media Prima Radio Networks Rebrands to Ripple!

Media Prima Bhd has transformed its radio broadcast segment into an audience-focused company, Ripple, which combines digital media, broadcasting and commerce.

Ripple aims to create more opportunities to connect with audiences by leveraging on data to personalise engagement in their daily lives.

Ripple chief executive officer Seelan Paul said the company will connect with audiences through music, entertainment and lifestyle, through a mass approach and a customised connection.

He also said that Ripple aimed to exploit gaps within existing broadcast audiences with the launch of seven new digital assets — Dhia, Donna, Lunaria, The Laki, Likely, Chapters and Wakeke.

These new platforms target Malay-speaking female audiences aged 18-29, above 29 and below 18, Malay-speaking male audiences aged 18-29, English-speaking audiences above 29, and Chinese-speaking audiences above 29 and 18-29 respectively.

Seelan said,

“One of our greatest strengths in broadcasting is our ability to connect with listeners and communities through platforms. Over the years, we have successfully engaged with audiences on air, online and on ground.

“However, we know there are gaps and we see opportunities to enhance engagement. Leveraging on that, our synergy between radio audiences, digital brands and e-commerce will be even bigger.

“We strongly believe that consolidating our traditional and digital assets under Ripple will give us the flexibility to connect with audiences on a more personal level and explore new revenue opportunities.

“We aim to expand our audience reach through our new digital brands. This will enable us to offer customised solutions for advertisers to reach a variety of target audiences.”

Media Prima group managing director Datuk Kamal Khalid said,

“The transformation of our radio segment captures what we are trying to do across the group to become Malaysia’s leading digital-first content and commerce company.

“Ripple leverages on the strength of its brands and massive reach to create new revenue opportunities and target new consumer groups.

“The new direction will provide a more holistic solution for advertisers who want to connect with specific audiences across different platforms.

“Moving forward, we will continue to unlock the value of our existing assets through digital innovation and commerce-oriented strategies across the group.”

Kamal said the launch of Ripple was in-line with Media Prima’s business transformation plan to grow digital and consumer revenue.

According to marketing and advertising agency Dentsu Aegis Network Austria, digital advertising made up the majority of global advertising this year at 38.3 per cent.

In Malaysia, internet users make up 80 per cent of the population who spent an average 8.5 hours online daily.

This implied strong growth for digital advertising and e-commerce as more Malaysians have begun shopping online.

Media Prima’s digital revenue increased to RM44.8 million for the first six months ended June 30, against RM14.9 million previously. It currently ranks third in the country in terms of digital reach and aims to increase digital revenue contribution to 8 per cent by December, compared to its 3 per cent target for 2017.

Ripple, a rebranding of Media Prima Radio Networks, was launched by Kamal and Seelan at Mercu Mustapha Kamal in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya today.

Besides the seven new assets, it also comprises radio stations Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM, podcast platform Ais Kacang, and e-commerce brand Super Deals.

Lunaria and The Laki are linked to Hot FM, Donna and Dhia to Kool FM, Likely to Fly FM and Chapters and Wakeke to One FM.

A total of 50 personalities manage the new platforms, and they write, interview, do research and upload videos.

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Source: NST

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