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Police Advise Malaysians to Not Do the Keke Challenge

Police have advised Malaysians, particularly youngsters, to stop performing the infamous ‘Keke Challenge’ on public roads.

City Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Zulkefly Yahya said it is better to be safe than sorry.

“Thus far, we have yet to receive complaints or reports of road accidents due to ‘Keke Challenge,” he said when contacted today.

He added that the police would like to remind all Malaysians to not perform on the road as it puts the safety of all at risk — the person performing the challenge and other road users as well.

The Keke Challenge is the latest ‘dance challenge’ taking the world by storm. The idea is simple. The passenger jumps out of a moving car while lip-syncing to Drake’s “In My Feelings”. This will all be filmed by the driver of the said moving car.

The ‘challenge’ was first introduced on Instagram by American DJ Shiggy.

Even celebrities such as Will Smith and Ciara have taken the challenge as well as local celebrities such as Fasha Sandha, Siti Sarah Raisuddin and Janna Nick.

Source: NST

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