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This Was How We Kicked Off 2020 With Malaysia’s Ultimate Glow-In-The-Dark Festival

Happy New Year, beautiful people! 

We kicked off our new year this year at Malaysia’s biggest glow in the dark festival, Cloudora Festival and it was absolutely ahmazing!

It was a celebration of music, fashion and lights as Cloudora Festival kicked off on Tuesday night, 31st December at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia’s Biggest Man-made surf beach, Sunway Lagoon.

Heart-Pumping And Live Performances From International DJs

What’s a new year party without some of the best EDM performances from international DJs? Cloudora Festival knows how to light up the new year with some of the best international DJs flown all the way from Australia. Tori Levett, Woodland and Hook N Sling set the stage on fire that night as we danced to the groove all night long and lost ourselves in the arms of the crowd. 

Photo Credit: dennis_lhy

Photo Credit: dennis_lhy

Photo Credit: by_dibakar

Glow In The Dark Immersive Art Installations 

FYI, if you didn’t know, glow in the dark art decorations are totally a ‘thing’ now. Cloudora Festival has the best we’ve- ever-seen light decorations and installations, giving off futuristic vibes. We also got cute stuff like glow in the dark headbands, band wrist, spectacles. After all, what’s a glow in the dark concert without some of the best glow in the dark accessories to match our outfits? Fashion game going strong!

Photo Credit : Azfar Herisyam

There was also a special LED photobooth for us to take lots of pictures and save the best memories of the glowy night of the decade with our loved ones 

To-Die-For Food

Famish, who? We indulged in some of the best food and treats at Cloudora Festival. There were tonnes of fast food stalls for you to grab the best tasty bites like fries, cheesy hotdogs, burgers, soft drinks.

Photo Credit: Cloudora

Photo credit: Cloudora

Cloudora Festival knows how to bring out the best of the best traditions with amazing spectacular fireworks to welcome the 2020 and the best music and people to live up the beginning of the best night of the decade!

If you missed out this year festival, fret not! You can click on their website for more information on Cloudora Festival presented by Honda, visit the official website www.cloudorafestival.com2019 for more info.

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