August 2nd marks the birthday of Tiffany Young, a popular solo artist whom was a former member of South Korea’s super girl group Girls’ Generation!

It was known that Tiffany had already departs from the world wide phenomenon group back in 2017 and since then they had part ways pursuing different paths of their respective solo careers. But, it was amazing to see that their sisterhood is still unbelievably strong!

Despite all the members are not under the same label, and Girls’ Generation is currently on a super long hiatus (hopefully not disband), the girls were seen reunited to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday last night!

Tiffany took her Instagram and posted adorable pictures of them together, illustrating the group’s undying friendship. The members look happy and cheerful, and this had touched the hearts of SONEs.

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SONEs, the fandom name for Girls’ Generation, instantly flooded Tiffany’s Instagram comment section with love messages and supports. They even get to Twitter and trended #GG4EVA to express their eternal love for their beloved idols.

Even though Jessica wasn’t present, SONEs are still grateful that the girls are still together and are still supporting each other. Tweets tagged with #GG4EVA were filled with positivity and warmth.

It’s great to see even after 12 years since their debut, the girls still have a strong connection between each other. Literally #GG4EVA