Ed Sheeran is known for bringing all sorts of emotions out of people through his music, particularly the ever-so complex feeling of love.

His hit songs Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, etc, has made people fall in love or reminisce about their past relationships. Even his music videos are immensely romantic.

Well, his latest music video, Perfect, has definitely brought viewers into a whole new world. The magical village where they shot the MV is located at an Austrian ski resort in Hintertux, one of the five villages of Tux.

The town is very tiny and secluded which you’ll have to drive quite a distance from the nearest big town to get there. Luckily, there’s a bus shuttle service between the nearest train station, Mayrhofen, and all 5 villages in Tux.

In the music video, it was exactly like what one would picture a Christmas town to look like. With fairy lights decorating all the interior as well as exterior of the buildings, the wonderland just twinkles magically in the dark.

The best part is how the Ed’s lyrics and the music video tells such a simple yet lovely story. It starts with Ed and Zoey Deutch who meet up at the cosy Mayrhofen station.

They then hop into a truck with a few friends towards Hintertux and start to have a good time. After that, the group goes skiing. They ride up the mountain on the gondola lift and then start to ski down.

The friends continue to slide down the mountain until the sun goes down. Without sunlight, the place is actually pitch black, but they use road flares to light up their surroundings.

After that, they hit the bar, down some drinks and have a good time. Finally, Ed sneakily invites Zoey to join him in his cabin without the rest of their friends.

They enjoy some pizza together and Ed serenades the pretty lady. They start to dance and finally they kiss!

This perfect music video has left many people longing to make a trip over there just to experience a magical Christmas filled with fun and love.

Well, perhaps we could plan a fun trip for our next Christmas? 😉

Merry Christmas, everyone!