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The UMNO Presidential Candidates’ Debate Might Be Live on TV3

TV3 might be live broadcasting the debate between UMNO Presidential Candidates at the end of this month.

Media Prima Berhad’s CEO, Johan Ishak, said that he hopes not only will it be shown on TV live, it will also be broadcasted onto our various social media platforms and websites.

“Just as what we happened with the 14th General Election in the past month, television programmes received great response from the rakyat whereby an estimate of 17 million people watched the shows.

“Not only is it important to see who will be leading UMNO next, it is also a benchmark in the administration of the opposition in the country’s democracy.”

If it does come onto TV3 but you guys don’t have the time to watch from a television set, you can easily access the live feed from xtra’s Live TV section.

And if you missed out on the programme at current time, you can enjoy the full shows on CatchUp TV.

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八度空间2018农历新年特备美食烹饪节目《欢乐满堂》邀来了著名的国际明星厨师甄文达“掌厨”,日前于Empire Shopping Gallery举办记者会,现场一展手艺,让媒体朋友大饱口福。

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[#WinWithXtra] Check Out These Awesome TV Shows and Win Cool Prizes

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还有不到一个星期的时间就要过年了,村长特安排了一趟旅程把夫人带到去位于雪兰莪州的大港(Sungai Besar),希望给夫人留下深刻和甜蜜的回忆。

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Join The #EjenAliTheMovie Challenge On TikTok And Win A Huawei Mate 30!

Dance it, record it, hashtag it, and win! It’s that simple!

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[#WinWithXtra] Win Epic Marvel Merchandises by Easily Answering Questions

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