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Netflix Announced To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel, Look At How The Casts React

Well, who doesn’t love Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean?

No one!!

Netflix finally announced the release date of P.S I Still Love You. the sequel for To All The Boys Before 2  which will premiere on 12 February next year exclusively on Netflix, worldwide!

And on top of it, there’s this cute video featuring the main cast, Noah Centineo and Lana Condour and also our mysterious, John Ambrose. Just take a look at their reaction below:

We just couldn’t get enough of these two adorkable and cuteness. Who else wish that these two would date in real life? #ISHIPPED


What’s even more exciting, Netflix also drops another major bomb that got everyone SHOOKETH because the third installment of the movie, Always and Forever Lara Jean is currently in production. The casts are now busy shooting for the final movie. 

And we aren’t even ready to say goodbye to our Peter K and LJ. So, when Noah Centineo took on Twitter with a heartbreaking appreciation post and literally thanking everyone in TATB production. Yeap, WE CRY.  

Can’t imagine life without Peter K And Lara Jean. EVER. 



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