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Will 2020’s Mulan be the Mulan we know?

Disney is still going strong on the string of live-action remakes of their all time favourites throughout the years, and Mulan is said to be released in 2020! How exciting! But, there’s possibly a twist. The well-loved sidekick Mushu might be cut out from the movie.

Shocking! Disney’s once again did a bold move! I bet no one saw that coming.

According to The Disinder, Disney has decided to go into a new route in this coming forth remake by replacing Mushu, the fun-loving dragon that we all love and adore with possibly a red phoenix

Not only that, it was also said that the original musics featured within the original animated film will not be sung by the cast members in the live-action remake, instead only appear as an instrumental version. WHAT?!

So are they expecting us to sing “A girl worth fighting for” together in the cinema?

Let’s just cross our fingers that this news would remain as a rumour and Disney would not let us down by giving us what we don’t want. Who knows maybe after reading the backlash, they’ll tweak the movie.

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