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After Barack Obama’s reign over America from 2008 to 2016, many people have been curious to learn more about him and his family. Initially, everyone wanted to see how he would do as a president but now everyone’s interested in him as a celebrity.

Source: Daily Mirror

Well, in September, 2017, Prince Harry had the chance of speaking to Barack and he totally got some special info from the former president, E! Online reported.

Though it has been a while since their interview, the clip was only released on December 27, 2017. The Prince asked some of Barack’s personal preferences. Check out his answers in this clip:

Besides that, Barack also expressed his love and appreciation for his wonderful wife, Michelle Obama.

He told Prince Harry,

“You know, the first thing that went through my mind was sitting across from Michelle how thankful I was that she had been my partner throughout that whole process.

“You know, you’ve gotten to know Michelle quite well and she is a spectacular, funny, warm person. She is not someone who was naturally inclined to politics.

“So, in some ways, despite the fact that she was, I think, as good as a first lady as there’s ever been, she did this largely in support of my decision to run.”

Of course, the foundation to any tough times is having a strong bond. This couple truly proves what staying strong together is all about.

“For us to be able to come out of that in tact – our marriage was strong, we’re still each other’s best friends, our daughters turning into amazing girls, amazing young women – the sense that there was a completion.

“And we had done the work in a way that preserved our integrity and left us whole and that we hadn’t fundamentally changed I think was a satisfying feeling.”


Source: Time

Omg, that’s just so cute and romantic. Indeed Barack and Michelle are truly #CoupleGoals.

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