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Harvinth Skin Ran Out of JD Sports Wearing New Pair of Shoes WITHOUT Paying!

Social media influencer Harvinth Skin is well known for his hilarious videos which touch on a variety of topics. From simple trending memes to more complex issues such as race, he’s covered them all.

He turned pressing and stressful problems into funny yet logical solutions.

But in the latest video which has gone very viral, it seems like Harvinth may have gone overboard…

He was in Pavilion’s JD Sports branch when he was trying out what seemed to be the Puma RS-X Toys in white which costs RM565.

A salesperson looked on as he put on both sides of the pair and stood up to see how it would feel on his feet.

Unlike most people who would just take a few steps back and forth, the young man actually sprinted OUT of the shop!

Shocked, the salesperson also ran after him but before he could catch the ‘thief’, Harvinth immediately turned back and sprinted into the shop.

As though it was completely natural, Harvinth made it look like he was really just innocently trying on the Puma shoes. Meanwhile, the baffled but relieved salesman shuffles back into the store to continue assisting him.

The video soon went viral and in less than 17 hours, it has garnered nearly 200k views on Instagram.

Harvinth posted the short clip with the caption,

“I had to give it a try? Yo! @jdsportsmy give this man a raise! I’m sorry I gave you a heart attack my bro @martin_lcf. Do not try this!”

Various Instagram accounts have also re-posted the video on their accounts with about 2 million views combined!

Just remember to listen to Harvinth and don’t try this stunt or you might end up in jail.

Check out the video below:

If you are a fan of Harvinth, don’t forget to tune into It’s Alif! on ntv7 where he is a host.

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