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Malaysian’s Sweethearts Zahirah Macwilson And Aiman Hakim Tells It All On E!News

Malaysian’s Sweethearts  Zahirah Mac Wilson and Aiman Hakim are set to tie the knot next year, making their fans go..

The two initially met on the set of “Curi Curi Cinta” drama and what started from friendship blossoms into a fairytale of relationship, these two actors are not just talented but they are also attractive, successful and super sweet. #COUPLEGOALS.

On this week E! News, we discover a thing or two about Malaysian favorite on and off screen couple and find out just how much they knew each other as individuals. 

The couple set down with E! News and spill some TEAS on their relationship and answer trivia things about each other like who said i love you first, who is most likely to be the stricter parents, who is the messier eater,who gets angry easily, some of these answer might SHOOK you!

If you wanna know more about these two, don’t forget to check out E!News every Monday and Thursday on TV3 Malaysia Youtube Official.

Again, we would like to congratulate these two lovebirds on their wedding on 22 February next year! Congratulations #ZahirAH! 

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