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One Republic Wows 10,000 Fans in Malaysian Concert!

One Republic Live In Malaysia 2018 officially ended on a high note as fans and the band enjoyed themselves to the maximum!

The rock band definitely knew how to put on a memorable and energetic concert for Malaysian fans.

For those of you who don’t know, the band is comprised of frontman Ryan Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, guitarist Drew Brown, drummer Eddie Fisher, bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle. 

Before One Republic came out on stage, local renowned singers Hendrick Huang, Tabitha Lam, Rachel Syuen, Pang Yi Jia, Pang Yi Chuen and Madison Lau sang their hearts out through a song medley of popular songs of this genre, such as When You Believe, Always, Love The Way You Lie, See You Again and Chentaku.

After the opening act, the vocalist of the band, Ryan Tedder, started the show with the band’s signature song, Stop+Stare, where the fans were singing along to the first song. After that, the band continued the excitement by singing another signature song, Secrets.

For the song Good Life, Ryan added in “Malaysia” into one of the lines of the song which caused fans to scream their hearts out.

During a sharing session, Ryan recalled the last time the band was in Malaysia which was six years ago at 2013.

He said:

“The last time we were here, it was the monsoon season and we couldn’t go anywhere.

“This is the first time I got to stay in the city and let me tell you, this city is amazing. Absolutely love it and no, it’s no bulls**t.” 

The band also gave a few surprises to Malaysian fans by performing covers of hit songs which Ryan wrote for other artistes such as Beyonce’s Halo and Ed Sheeran’s Happier.

This section has shocked all fans because they did not expect that. 

Another surprise came when Ryan revealed that they had shot and recorded a documentary in Kuala Lumpur.

He said:

“We have finished a song with rapper Logic and even recorded two new songs today in KL.  We’re putting out a documentary of our journey here and hopefully you get to see your city in the footage.”

Then, before the concert ended, Ryan even added that he and his band mates had lost at least 2kgs from this concert.

He jokingly said:

“We need a lot more South-East Asia tours just to get in better shape!”

Besides, the concert was attended by 10,000 fans! Due to overcrowding of fans and limited space outside the stadium, a ‘human traffic jam’ occurred.

But luckily the traffic dissolved right before the concert started and fans weren’t late to catch a glimpse of their favourite band. Phew!

Although there was a small disruption before the concert, the entire event went smoothly and ended beautifully. 

This is the second time One Republic came to Malaysia for a concert. The band visited the country back in 2013.

Let’s hope that the band can visit the country on another tour, then, they can get into better shape.

Written by Chan Suet Yee.

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