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People are Petitioning to the Government for Dispatch to Be Shut Down

For many years now, Dispatch has been reporting what they deem to be the ‘real truth’. They often dug up things which general news portals would not in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, the type of news they usually report can also be extremely damaging towards celebrities’ images irregardless of whether the piece written was the truth or not.

Due to Dispatch’s reckless reporting over the years, celebrities have faced difficult situations.

For example, the latest thing which went out of proportion was reporting that Big Bang’s G-Dragon was receiving preferential treatment in the military hospital even though he wasn’t.

Both the hospital and YG Entertainment released statements to deny this issue but due to the overwhelming response, G-Dragon was suddenly kicked out of the hospital, forcing him to move to another one with very short notice.

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If that doesn’t make you angry enough, the latest ‘scoop’ on actress Choi Ji Woo’s non-celebrity husband has got many people extremely uncomfortable.

According to Koreaboo, Dispatch revealed everything about the man including very private details about his life such as the fact that he’s had his name legally changed before.

After seeing how much details about someone being disgustingly spilled for the whole world to see, a concerned citizen started the petition to ask for Dispatch to be ended.

The description reads,

“Dispatch has a huge impact in the entertainment media. Please shut it down. Celebrities are human too. They also have private lives that they don’t want to share with the rest of the world.

“Dispatch stalks celebrities, takes pictures without telling them, creates and spreads rumours, and violates their privacy. Any Korean citizen who has read a Dispatch article probably knows what Dispatch does.

“Dispatch does not care about protecting the rights of these celebrities. It only care about publishing articles.

“If all the articles Dispatch wrote were true, it wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, Dispatch writes articles that aren’t true and from such false publications, the celebrities involved are hurt.

“Rumours spread by Dispatch do not only negatively impact the celebrities, but also their families, associates, and fans.

“Even when articles are proven to be false, Dispatch never apologises or responds to criticism.

“We want to shut down Dispatch with this petition. If that is impossible, at least please come up with ways to penalise spread of false news.”




Petitions to the Blue House, the presidential office of South Korea, often receive response only after it has had more than 200,000 signatures.

Currently, roughly 204,000 South Koreans have already signed the petition and people are awaiting the government’s statement.

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