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Song Ji Hyo Says She’s in Pain Now Thanks to Running Man

Song Ji Hyo has been a part of Running Man since its inception in 2010. Though she wasn’t chosen as part of the cast in the very beginning, she was often invited back to the show after her first appearance on episode 2.

She came on as a guest up until episode 5 when suddenly the producers decided to invite her onto the show as a regular. From episode 7 up until now, she has been a permanent part of Running Man.

Being the only lady among other men long before Jeon So Min joined, Ji Hyo was often compared to the other members equally. In terms of physical expectations, the producers often tried to set aside any gender bias unto her (unless absolutely necessary).

Unfortunately, the strive for her to prove that she’s a capable person has taken a toll on her body.

The constant extreme activities have not been easy for any of the members, what more for Ji Hyo who was always trying to do better or more than the others.

During a radio interview recently, Ji Hyo expressed that she has aged now, Koreaboo reported. She joined Running Man at 30 and she’s now 39.

She said,

“I’ve run so much, my knees hurt!”

As we all know, Running Man includes a lot of running in their strenuous activities. Duh!

Besides the excessive cardio workout, she’s done things which most people have not done or cannot even do. For example, bungee jumping, breaking bricks with her fist and constantly beating up the other members.

Indeed, which actress in this world have ever done everything that Ji Hyo has for the sake of variety show content. She is undoubtedly the Ace even though she can be so blur sometimes.

Regardless, health should always come first and we sincerely hope that Ji Hyo will look into this matter seriously instead of letting the pain in her knees continue.

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